Why Do Teens Drink?

Before we go into all the affects of drinking, it's crucial to understand why a teen, like you, would start to drink in the first place.

Being a teen can be hard, with more independence and more responsibilities, at school, at home, and almost everywhere you go. Friends become enemies, and you don't know who you can trust. As you change, and so does your world, and life can be just plain confusing. You might want to escape your problems, or you might just want to look cool. 'What's one little drink going to do?' some say. A lot. Drinking can turn your world upside down and we've given you some reasons why teens might drink:

1. Psychologically: Scientists have concluded that a teen's brain continues to develop until they are around their mid-twenties, maybe even longer. Because a teen may seek thrills, they may want to try new and dangerous activities. For some, this includes drinking and other drugs as well.

2.Views: If a teen views alcohol as something good, fun, or pleasurable, they are more likely to drink than a teen who does not. Advertisements regarding liquor may provoke a teen into a positive view of alcohol.

3.Family: Teens that have family who drink are at a higher risk for developing an alcoholic problem than those who don't. A child often gets morals from family which they take with them throughout their life. If the child does not understand the consequences of drinking, they may become an alcoholic later in life.

4.Peers: As a teen, you want to fit in and feel like you have a place among your friends. Teens pressure each other into doing things they know is wrong. (See Peer Pressure page for more information)

'Everyone drinks. One beer isn't going to kill you.' That's what they say, but is it true? And, admit it, you're curious. So what does a drink really taste like? But if you take into account the consequences, you might find that the temptation isn't worth giving in to.