Peer Pressure

So... what is it, exactly?

Peer Pressure: social pressure on somebody to adopt a type of behavior, dress, or attitude in order to be accepted as part of a group.

It's pretty much just pressure from people your age to do something that would make you conform.

Peer pressure can be good or bad: it all depends on how it's used.  It's natural for one to compare themselves with the people around them, how they think they should be, act, achieve, or look.  Everyone wants to fit in one way or another.

In a positive perspective, the people around you help you make good decisions.  Friends are made, and good examples may be set, advice is given. Peers give you the opportunity to try new social skills, get you invloved in activities such as sports, and provide encouragement.

But peer pressure isn't always so good, and it can be hard to resist.

Peers can pressure you into many things you would never have done on your own. This includes drinking, drugs, shoplifting, and taking other risks.  It can be done openly, through speaking, such as "Are you afraid to try?" or it may be done indirectly, simply providing alcohol at a party.

So what can you do?

Simple things, like knowing when something is wrong, are a step towards avoiding negative peer pressure. The hard part is actually resisting.  Know when possible peer pressure situations may occur, and have a plan to leave.  Spend time with the people who share the same feelings as you, or let the people you are spending time with become aware of your beliefs.

Look inside yourself for the courage to resist!