Below are some facts regarding alcohol consumption in the United States, especially among youth.

~A teen who abuses alcohol may remember 10% less of what they have learned than one who never drinks.
~Alcohol causes the most death among youth.
~Every 30 minutes, someone in the United States dies of an alcohol related traffic accident.
~An average of 11,318 American youth try alcohol for the first time each day. 
~The United States spends over $58,000,000,000 on underage drinking each year.
~Of all people who commit suicude, it is proven that 65% have been drinking excessively.
~Each year, 100,000 deaths in the United States are caused by excessive drinking, directly or indirectly.
~A person dies of alcohol piosoning about once each week.
~Of a youth survey, 65% said they obtained alcohol from family or friends.
~A teen who drinks alcohol is 50 times more likely to use cocaine than one who doesn't.
~80% of teens have used alcohol and 62% have been drunk by the time they are high school seniors.
~Every year, approximately 50,000 cases of alcohol poisoning are reported in the United States.
~About 65 people die each day form drinking and driving in the United States.
~In the United States, it is estimated that 3 million teens between 14 and 17 are alcoholics.
~Of those Americans who are dependant on alcohol, around 500,000 are children ages 9 through 12.